Pursuit of Happiness

Hello my name is Christopher Yip. I am a developer, artist, cook, and most importantly an adventurer. Since I was young I have always had a passion for exploring. Whether it was exploring new places and cultures or exploring new mediums to express my thoughts. At a young age I was exposed to video games. My family owned a Nintendo. I would play every day after school. It was my haven. I would explore the Mushroom Kingdom, the land of Hyrule, or the year 20XX. Ever since I have had an affinity for for games. Playing these games fostered my desire to create new things. Things that I hope ignite the passion in others. I aspire to develop engaging applications for the coming generations. I aspire to design new concepts for my hobbies. I aspire to be a content creator for the growing world of E-sports. There are many things I aspire to be. So I present to you my website. My outlet to my thoughts, my work, and my life.

You can find updates about my progress or any of my works in my blog. You can also follow me on Twitter at @MMlhxo.

Best regards,