No Sleep Til Beijing

The past couple weeks have been long and wild. I haven’t had a chance to post up a blog or write because I have been on an endless ride of visiting people before I move to Seattle. It is a little sad that when I decide to leave and talk to people about why I am moving to Seattle is when we finally are able to truly open up and be real with each other. There have been a couple people in the bay that I have been wanting to know and it sucks that it will be harder to keep in contact, but this is for the better. I need to get out of California. On the bright side the distance can be a good thing. Just because we are far or distant does not mean that we don’t care. I hope that if or when I return that our relationships will grow.

I am currently waiting for my flight to Beijing. It was delayed for two hours so I sat around watching Rick and Morty while catching Pokemon. They gave me a voucher for $15 dollars because of the delay which I will happily use on booze before I board the plane. I will be in China until the 28th. I will arrive in Peking around 8PM and grab dinner. Spend the night in a hotel and then take the train to Changbaishan. I will be staying in a small town and am pretty excited to meet my penpal. We are going to hike the mountain and visit Crater Lake. Xiangru is going to be a bit busy during my trip there because she just got approved for a home to rent for her aspiring AirBnB. In my off time I will begin writing my next article. When I return I need to fix up my car and finish packing. I am moving between the 12th and 15th.

Until then..


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