Off the Rails with Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner

Christopher: Hey everyone, I am here with the meme king supreme, living his dream, SirActionSlacks.

Slacks: Oh god, the meme king. Is that my legacy? I’ll take it. Screw it.

Christopher: How has this event been? I have seen you run all over the place.

Slacks: You know, everyone has their own view of the international. It’s a fun thing you go to to watch with friend and enjoy yourself. To me it has always been hell week. I don’t stop moving. Every day this week I have woken up at 6 o’ clock and worked until about 11:30. Then I drag my dead body into my bed and sleep. It has been hell on earth and I am loving every moment of it dude. The Dota is hype. The fans are hype. It is like that movie Crank. I feel like I ever stop my heart will explode. But it is amazing as always. I think this one is the best one yet.

Christopher: From a scale of Swindlemelonzz salty tears to USA winning TI last year, how do you feel?


Slacks: (giggling in his seat) I am feeling USA. I feel like PPD right now. I am feeling like the only happy guy. I am feeling like Aui2000. He was the only dude who smiled when they won TI5, everyone else was pretty pissed off. They got the throw order from Garfield but they did it anyways.

Christopher: You just hope it doesn’t end the same way right?

Slacks: That’s right! No I am feeling amazing. I mean I have been trying to get to this event for two or three years. It finally happened, and it couldn’t be better. I am having a blast.

Christopher: You know I am really happy to hear that. This year has been incredibly successful for you. From Dream League, to ESL, and now directly invited to TI. Talk to me about your creative process on how you make all this content for these events.

Slacks: Yeah so its pretty easy. I go to the store and get a box of Elmer’s glue and I just puff that shit all night like there is nothing.

Christopher: That is where it is at.


Slacks: No, I don’t know. I mean content creation.. I love it. It is what I do. It is where I came from. I love making Youtube videos, but I am big planner in that. And it is so weird when you go to live events. When you go to events, a guy comes down in the room and says, “One of our camera men are free for the next minute. Make something.” And that is it. You look around the room and think to yourself, “Aww fuck, who do we have? I have got 10 seconds.” It is incredible. You know people like Kaci, they are so good at it. They just snap their fingers and they have got it. Maybe it will be good. Maybe it will be bad. But they just go with it 100%. So I mean events like this it is less, “What is your process in making your content,” but it how can you roll with whatever you throw yourself into.

Christopher: Have you ever done any sort of improv?

Slacks: Improv? No. Well I guess so. I was in theater for four years in high school but I was only trying to get a girl. I had a crush on this chick so I didn’t ever pay attention in class. I slept in class every time and got a “C,” every year. So technically I have done it, but I am not skilled. I am no Kotlguy.

Christopher: Prior to making Dota2 content, what were you doing? And do you remember the first video you made?

Slacks: Yes. Very clearly. The first youtube video made I used to play Team Fortress 2. One of the first games I have ever bought for myself that I didn’t get from a friend because I was always super poor was the Orange Box on Xbox. I was one of eight kids who played that game and I played that game every day for like six hours for a year. I got a PC because I wanted to get TF2 on the computer because they got cooler updates. I got addicted to hats. Valve got me. My buddy hits me up and says, “Yo this game Dota2, there is an event called Diretide and they are giving away free hats.” So I think to myself, “Free fucking hats? What is this game? I love hats. And that was it.

But the first youtube I ever made.. I was a forum kid on TF2 and I would write these forum stories. They would drop these free crates and I came up on 84 crates and I decided to make a story for every one then give them away. So I recorded my adventures giving away crates. And they are still there on my Youtube. If you dig way far back before all of my Dota shit there is still the curious fates of the eighty four crates. It was terrible. They were horrible. I was recording on FRAPS, I have no idea how to edit and they are four hours long but those are the first ones. It has been downhill ever since. I mean that was the epitome of my skill.

That was more than you ever needed to know. I apologize. Like you are thinking, “Just stop.. please.”


Christopher: It’s cool. Your boys Hwings are tearing it up in the upper bracket. Do you think if they followed your guide to techies they would have soul crushed DC in game 2 with their pocket strategy?

Slacks: Fuck yeah dude. You know. I think they did soul crush DC. They didn’t have to win with Techies. The fact that they picked Techies is like, “Oh fuck. They think nothing of us.” Like honestly, did you see game 3? Hwings win it and DC’s hearts weren’t in it. They got rekt. I have always said Techies is not about the game, but the mind game. And that was THE biggest mind game I have ever seen. Hwings are fucking disgusting. And I love it.

Christopher: Yo, so real talk right now. DC is in the lower bracket against the rising team TNC.

Slacks: Who?

Christopher: TNC.

Slacks: You mean the guys who going to fucking lose to DC tomorrow? Haha just kidding going ahead.

Christopher: (chuckles) So when is DC going to sub in their secret weapon?

Slacks: Never. I am pretty sure. I have asked the boys several times. They told me if any of them were to ever die, they would rather play 4v5 than let me in. Well actually Moo did say he would let me play Crystal Maiden and sit in fountain with my aura. So that is nice right?

Christopher: Hell yeah that is nice, then you get a cut of that e-sports money.

Slack: Oh yeah technically I guess they would have to pay me. I asked Sunsfan if they were going to pay me anything. And he told me I could have 0.0001%, which is like $9


Christopher: Last question. Now that you are making that e-sports money are you going to help the Dota2 community achieve that 21-22 million dollar prediction? We gotta get those sweet sweet 10 levels.

Slacks: Yeah dude, piece of cake. I will give you 0.0001% of my vast earnings. But that prediction is shitty. What is wrong with you dude.

Christopher: Hey this guy over here put 23-24 million.

Slacks: You guys are dummies.

Christopher: It has been great talking to you. Great laughs. Is there anything you want to say to the readers?

Slacks: To the readers? Great crew you got here. If you were trying to get snuck into a place don’t come with me. I tried to sneak these dudes into VIP, but ended up on the bottom floor. Thank you reader for supporting the smaller content creators. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for supporting Dota. And thanks for feeding you fucks. GG. I am out.

You can find Slacks on Twitter at @SirActionSlacks.

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