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Hey everyone,

I got back to California late last night after a long drive down from Seattle. I initially flew up to Seattle for The International 6, but decided to drive home with my friend. This past week has been fun, exhausting, and extraordinary. Overall I would rate it the best TI experience I have had. The games were amazing, I got to interview some of my favorite talent/personalities and the best thing was that I went to the event solo and met a ton of other Dota2 fans and added them on Steam. It was truly an awesome experience meeting the community.

This is my first year going to TI with the purpose of producing some kind of content. It was pretty heart warming being able to meet and interview Toffees, Slacks, Nahaz, and KBBQdota during an event as big as TI. I was surprised about how open they were with meeting with me. I have been to other events where the players or even the personalities won’t talk or interact with you unless you have a media/press pass. I can see their perspective though. It can be pretty off putting if some rando comes up to you to ask a bunch of questions. Toffees really summed it up in the interview I had with him. Even if the people in the community aren’t getting anything of value from us, they are willing to work with the little guy.

I have a couple interviews that I haven’t gotten a chance to transcribe and post. Notably my interview with Nahaz and KBBQdota. I will be posting them later today. I will be working on a full length article about the future of Dota and my thoughts about the Battle Cup.

A big thank you to the talent who gave me the opportunity to meet and interview with. And thank you to the community for being very welcoming and supporting. I got a bunch of stuff from the event and would love to share them with the readers. If you follow me at @MMlhxo and retweet this tweet, I will enter you in a give away for a chance to win some cool stuff you can find below. The items/winners will be chosen randomly.

Give Away Prizes:

1 Vengeful Spirit plush
1 Winter Wyvern plush
2 Dota2 Lanyards
Items from the International 2016 Collector’s Cache
Items from the Lockless Luckvase 2016
Items from Trove Carafe 2016

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