TI6 Interview with Jack “KBBQdota” Chen

Christopher: Hi Jack, your here at TI this year as a translator. How has your experience been and what have you been doing? Have you got a chance to work with Valve before?

KBBQ: I have had a good time so far, but I haven’t gotten a chance to stop and smell the roses as much as I would want to. As a translator I help with the teams, casters, and production for the Chinese side. There are also a bunch of random duties such as the hall of heroes or where ever help is needed with language barriers. As usual it has been a lot of fun and have been able to meet a lot of people. I have been with Valve for the past three majors.

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Seattle Blog // Future Articles // Give Away

Hey everyone,

I got back to California late last night after a long drive down from Seattle. I initially flew up to Seattle for The International 6, but decided to drive home with my friend. This past week has been fun, exhausting, and extraordinary. Overall I would rate it the best TI experience I have had. The games were amazing, I got to interview some of my favorite talent/personalities and the best thing was that I went to the event solo and met a ton of other Dota2 fans and added them on Steam. It was truly an awesome experience meeting the community.

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