Starting A New

So much has changed.

It has been a long time since my last post. The last time you guys read anything from me I was about to board a plane to China. My life has completely changed since my last post. 180 degrees. I arrive in China around 9PM because the flight was delayed by 2 hours. Additionally the pilot landed in the wrong zone and we had to wait around for another hour. I felt a bit bad because of how long Xiangru, my penpal, had to wait for me. The first couple days of my trip were exhausting because I had a 14 hour plane ride to Beijing, a 12 hour train ride to Dunhua, and an additional 2 hour taxi ride to arrive in the small town of Erdaobaihezhen. I have been to China a couple times in the past to Xi’an, Nanning, and Chengdu, but I had totally forgotten how crazy the rides in the taxis were. We were either driving against traffic or speeding through the mountains. The driver would spam flicker his high beams to let trucks know that he is passing. I never felt safe sitting in the backseat because in every Taxi there are no seat belts. 10 kilometers out of Erdaobaihezhen we hit a pothole in the road and the tire pops and it is getting dark and it is starting to rain. We patch up in the rain and get into the town and get me set up in a hotel. We get dinner at a Korean restaurant.

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No Sleep Til Beijing

The past couple weeks have been long and wild. I haven’t had a chance to post up a blog or write because I have been on an endless ride of visiting people before I move to Seattle. It is a little sad that when I decide to leave and talk to people about why I am moving to Seattle is when we finally are able to truly open up and be real with each other. There have been a couple people in the bay that I have been wanting to know and it sucks that it will be harder to keep in contact, but this is for the better. I need to get out of California. On the bright side the distance can be a good thing. Just because we are far or distant does not mean that we don’t care. I hope that if or when I return that our relationships will grow.

I am currently waiting for my flight to Beijing. It was delayed for two hours so I sat around watching Rick and Morty while catching Pokemon. They gave me a voucher for $15 dollars because of the delay which I will happily use on booze before I board the plane. I will be in China until the 28th. I will arrive in Peking around 8PM and grab dinner. Spend the night in a hotel and then take the train to Changbaishan. I will be staying in a small town and am pretty excited to meet my penpal. We are going to hike the mountain and visit Crater Lake. Xiangru is going to be a bit busy during my trip there because she just got approved for a home to rent for her aspiring AirBnB. In my off time I will begin writing my next article. When I return I need to fix up my car and finish packing. I am moving between the 12th and 15th.

Until then..


Seattle Blog // Future Articles // Give Away

Hey everyone,

I got back to California late last night after a long drive down from Seattle. I initially flew up to Seattle for The International 6, but decided to drive home with my friend. This past week has been fun, exhausting, and extraordinary. Overall I would rate it the best TI experience I have had. The games were amazing, I got to interview some of my favorite talent/personalities and the best thing was that I went to the event solo and met a ton of other Dota2 fans and added them on Steam. It was truly an awesome experience meeting the community.

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New Beginnings

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my website. This is my new blog where I will be posting my progress on any projects I am currently working on and just updates about what is going on in my life. For awhile now I have been wanting to move to Seattle to complete my schooling and to start my career. A couple weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and move and so I have been busy the past couple weeks getting this website up and getting an appraisal for my legacy collection to fund my move. Along with that I have been doing some research on some Dota 2 personalities so I can interview them while I am on my trip.  Continue reading “New Beginnings”