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Hey everyone,

I got back to California late last night after a long drive down from Seattle. I initially flew up to Seattle for The International 6, but decided to drive home with my friend. This past week has been fun, exhausting, and extraordinary. Overall I would rate it the best TI experience I have had. The games were amazing, I got to interview some of my favorite talent/personalities and the best thing was that I went to the event solo and met a ton of other Dota2 fans and added them on Steam. It was truly an awesome experience meeting the community.

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Toffees: Dota Host and Family Man

Christopher: Hey everyone. I am here with Steve Pierce, also known as Toffees, the host of TI Today. Go ahead and give me a brief introduction about yourself for those who may not know you.

Toffees: My name is Steve Pierce, I go by Toffees. I have been playing video games as far as I can remember. So to put that into perspective, the first job that I ever had I was unpacking hay bale containers in the middle of the summer so I could buy a Voodoo 1 graphics card to play EverQuest beta when it first came out. So I have been playing along time. I discovered Dota right before The International 3. Some friends were telling me to play, but I was a hardcore World of Warcraft raider. WoW kept getting easier and easier and later a friend told me, “If you want a tough game, come play Dota with me.” At the time I never really liked top downs. I never really understood them and didn’t know the mechanics of it. So he sent me the link to TI3 and told me to watch the tournament in my spare time. I actually watched the finals and then went back and watched every game in the tournament because I was caught up with how exciting it was. From the moment I had watched the entire tournament, there was about a three week lag where I turned over leadership of the raiding guild, transitioned out of WoW, cancelled my subscription and went full blown Dota2 nonstop addiction.

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